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Seasonal Labor Processing

Visa Work Permit Specialist:
H2A & H2B Programs

H-2A, H-2B & H4 VISAS


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Experienced and professional H-2A, H2-B & H-4 Visa processors.

Don’t take any chances going through the application process on your own. Head Honchos has been in business since 2000 and possess a deep understanding of how to secure visas as efficiently and effectively as possible. We will help you get the workforce that you need, so you can focus on running your business. We specialize in providing seasonal workers to legally work for hard working farmers, landscapers, and other professionals throughout America. 

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Head Honchos specializes in providing legal, experienced, and dependable seasonal workers to come work for the honest and hardworking farmers throughout America. If you’ve been on the fence about hiring a workforce from outside the United States due to the tedious process that is required, it helps to have someone handle everything on your behalf. At Head Honchos, our experts find the talent for you and handle all the paperwork necessary to secure visas - so you don’t have to. 


Helping to change lives by assisting your workers with the work visa process to come and work for you safely and legally is our passion and expertise. Since 2000 we have been executing the H2 Visa procedures, our Visa work specialists are your best option for utilizing the H-2A, H2-B and H-4 “Mi Familia” programs.



H-2A Visa Processing

Are you looking to boost your labor force for planting or harvest season on your farm? If you are in the agricultural business and are interested in seeking resources from other countries to meet your labor needs, then an H-2A visa may help. This is a visa used for temporary workers from other countries without the ability to immigrate. 


You can expect the processing time to be about 90 to 120 days so plan accordingly. And, once the workers arrive, they will be allowed to stay up to 10 months.

H-2B Visa Processing

Finding skilled help in the local market for nonagricultural jobs like roofing, landscaping, painting, construction, theme parks, hotels, and the like can be challenging. Thankfully, an H-2B visa can allow you to temporarily employ talent from other countries. 


Much like the aforementioned visa, the H-2B visa takes some time to process - as long as 4 to 5 months. Once approved, workers are able to stay in the U.S. for up to 9 months. 

H-4 Visa Processing

Coming to the U.S. to work for months at a time can make it hard to be away from loved ones. With the H-4 visa, immediate family members of workers holding H-2A and H-2B visas can be authorized to come to the United States. While the family may be kept together, this visa does not permit working and the family must leave together when the work visa is up. 


H-4 visas take, on average, about 90 days to secure. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an H-2A Visa?


An H-2A visa is one that allows farmers and others in the agricultural industry to employ a workforce from other countries. It will allow these individuals to be employed for up to 10 months at a time before having to return to their country. 


What is an H-2B Visa?


An H-2B visa allows employers seeking a labor force outside of the U.S. to be employed in non-agricultural industries, including but limited to construction, landscaping, hospitality, tourism, etc. 


What is an H-4 Visa?


Known as the Mi Familia program, an H-4 visa is one that is used to allow families of those holding H-2A and H-2B visas to all come to the United States. The H-4 visa does not permit the family to work, but they can be together until the work ends and it is time to leave the country. 


H-4 visas only apply to spouses and children under 20 years of age. 


Are employers required to provide housing for visa holders?


It depends. For those with H-2A visas, employers are required to provide free housing. However, employers are not required to provide housing and transportation to those with H-2B visas. 

Are H2-B employers required to pay for "inbound and outbound" transportation to/from the place of employment at the beginning and at the end of each season?

H2-B employers MUST pay for each H2-B employees "inbound" trip from their home country and each employees "outbound" trip back home each season. 

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