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The H-2A Visa program allows American agricultural farmers to legally and easily hire temporary, dependable, seasonal labor. Head Honchos prepares all the paperwork and cuts through the red tape for you. We have excellent customer service and will keep you informed of the work visa process every step of the way. While there is client participation, we make it as easy as possible for you! We help all kinds of employers including:

Apple and Fruit Orchards

Open Range Ranch Hands

Soybean Farmers

Poultry Farms

Tobacco Farmers

Vegetable Farmers

Tree Farms

All Agriculture Qualifies

Plant Nurseries

Sod Farmers, Hay & Feed


The  H-2A visa program is especially for those local farm business owners who find it difficult to get domestic workers due to lack of trained labor which is not available in abundance in the local market and other various reasons. So, with the H-2A Visa program, you can enjoy the liberty to get onboard workers from other countries into the United States for temporary or seasonal agricultural work without any hassle and delays. Please bear in mind, it takes almost 90 days to complete the whole process from start to end depending on the various government agencies. If you have a deadline to meet, we suggest you kindly ensure filling out the application well in advance to get your staff to the worksite before the season starts to avoid work delays. The H-2A Visa application has been divided into four categories; Standard, Emergency, Immediate Need, and Extending Workers. Alternatively, you can also get in touch with us, our support team will guide you through the whole process as well as we will take care of all the possible factors on your behalf from start till the end that can cause delays and hamper your plans. We will ensure the smooth and fast delivery of your resources. We are industry experts in processing H-2A Visa at the optimal time!

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  • H-2A workers can stay for up to 10 months on a valid H-2A Visa and there is no cap on the amount of workers that can be approved for Visas

  • You can have multiple petitions if you need to hire seasonal workers for planting and then a harvesting season.

  • It generally takes about 75 days for the Visa approval process, but we suggest that you contact us 90-120 days prior to the date that you need the workers to start.

  • Each worker's wage rate is determined by the AEWR (Adverse Effect Wage Rate), which is an amount set by the government.

  • You get a dependable, legal, safe, experienced and affordable workforce that wants to work.

  • Not only do we do all the H2-A Visa paperwork for you, but we also include, research services, audit assurance (in case of a US Department of Labor audit, we will be there with you every step of the way), excellent customer service (we are happy to answer all your questions about the program), and required newspaper advertisements.

  • What Is An H-2A Work Visa?
    An H-2A visa, to put it simply, is a work visa for temporary workers that aren’t going to immigrate into the country. H-2A visas are purely for agricultural workers. The visa also helps the government verify how many workers are in the United States. The visa is a requirement in order to have foreign workers on your farm. If you don’t have this visa for all of your temporary workers, you’ll find yourself in a world of trouble.
  • What Are The Rules Surrounding H-2A Visas?
    The first rule that employers should know about revolves around qualification. If an employer has laid-off U.S. workers within 60 days preceding application, they cannot qualify. The employer must pay the foreign workers the highest of the state’s requirements for the type of work being completed. For example, if the state minimum wage is higher than the AEWR then the employer must pay the employees the state minimum wage. The employer must also write the dates that the employee is going to work from, the location in which they’re going to work, and the type of work that they are going to be completing. This must be completed by the time that the employee applies for the H-2A. The employer is required to pay the worker for at least 3/4 (75%) of the days agreed upon in the visa. The employer is also required to provide housing and transportation to the employee at no cost to the worker.
  • How To Apply For An H-2A Visa
    In order to apply for an H-2A visa, the worker in question needs to have an offer from an existing US employer. There are three basic steps to the application process. The steps are quick and easy. The approval process may range in length. First, the employer must notify the US Department of Labor that there are no available US workers for the job. Once this is confirmed the employer will receive a temporary labor certification. This allows the employer to look for foreign laborers. Next, the employer must file an I-129 petition for nonimmigrant workers with the USCIS. The employer must make a note of which country the worker is from. Mentioning the worker by name is not necessary. This step is key when it comes to getting an H-2A visa approved as it will let the government bodies know that the worker isn't permanent. Finally, once the I-129 is approved, the worker files for an H-2A. Once the H-2A is approved the worker can begin working. The foreign worker is allowed to work for the time that was given on the application. They can work no longer than that time.
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