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Finding Qualified H-2A Employees

This article with help guide you through the process of where to find and evaluate the right individuals for your agricultural operations. Regardless of your route, finding and retaining workers will require a network of partners.

Partner with Recruitment Agencies

One effective way to connect with potential H-2A visa employees is through reputable recruitment agencies. These agencies specialize in matching employers with qualified workers from countries participating in the H-2A program. Seek out agencies with a track record of successful placements and solid reputations within the agricultural community. They can assist you in finding skilled workers who possess the experience and dedication needed to contribute to your farm’s success. Some notable recruitment agencies in the agricultural industry include:

  • The Foreign Labor Certification Data Center: You can visit their website at They have a database where you can search for registered H-2A recruiters by location and area of expertise.

  • Agricultural Placement Services: Agricultural Placement Services can be found at They have a strong track record of connecting farmers with skilled workers for various agricultural positions.

Build Relationships with Returning Workers

There is a saying that it is easier and less expensive to keep the employees you have than it is to hire new ones. So, if you have individuals who have worked hard and shown initiative, take note. Figure out which ones you want to bring back because they are already familiar with your farm and process. Not only that, but these workers may also know of others who would be a good fit. Strive to build and maintain good relationships with reliable workers, as this can lead to great long-term working relationships and build a bridge for others looking for work. Of course, building and maintaining this relationship requires good communication.

Communication is Key

Once you have identified potential H-2A visa employees, it is essential to communicate your job expectations clearly. Provide detailed information about the nature of the work, including job duties, working hours, and any specific skills or qualifications required. Transparency is crucial to attracting workers who are genuinely interested and capable of meeting your farm’s needs. Further, when the expectations are clear, it can help build rapport and ease any tension workers may feel when starting a new job in a foreign country.

If you want to show a solid commitment to developing a trustful relationship with workers, consider speaking to them in their language so they can more easily understand the expectations. You will quickly earn respect and loyalty from workers when you talk to them in their native language. Finally, you are less likely to have a breakdown in communication if expectations are shared in their native language. For day-to-day communications, if your worker doesn’t speak English, you will find that both you and the worker can communicate through one of the many translation apps on your phones.

You will also want to conduct interviews and assessments to ensure your expectations are met, and the worker is a good fit.

(c) Excerpt from "Chapter 6: Finding Qualified H-2A Employees" in the recent book Navigating The Farm Labor Shortage by Todd Miller. Purchase your copy of the book in eBook or hardcover format here.

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