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What crops are the most popular for the H2-A work visa program?

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

a person cutting fresh grapes from the vine in a vineyard

The H-2A visa program is primarily used to fill seasonal and temporary jobs in the agricultural industry. The specific crops that are most popular for the H-2A program can vary depending on the region and time of year, but some of the most common crops for which H-2A workers are hired include:

  1. Fruits: This includes crops like apples, berries, citrus fruits, grapes, and peaches.

  2. Vegetables: This includes crops like lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and sweet corn.

  3. Tobacco: H-2A workers are commonly hired to plant and harvest tobacco crops.

  4. Nursery products: This includes crops like flowers, shrubs, and trees.

  5. Dairy: H-2A workers are sometimes hired to milk cows and perform other tasks on dairy farms.

  6. Christmas trees: H-2A workers are commonly hired to help plant, cultivate, and harvest Christmas trees.

  7. Other crops: H-2A workers may also be hired for other crops like cotton, soybeans, and peanuts, as well as for tasks like landscaping and tree planting.

Overall, the crops that are most popular for the H-2A program tend to be those that require a large amount of manual labor and are produced on a seasonal basis. Contact Head Honchos to learn more.

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