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Reasons Why South Africans Are Working Under the U.S. H2-A Work Visa

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Why are South Africans working in the United States under the H2-A work visa program.

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It's difficult to generalize why South Africans would want to leave their country and come to the United States to work under the H-2A visa program, as each individual's motivations and circumstances may differ. However, some possible reasons why South Africans may be interested in this program include:

1. Economic opportunities: South Africa faces high levels of unemployment, poverty, and inequality, and many South Africans may see working in the United States as a way to earn higher wages and improve their economic prospects. Many South Africans have great experience with farming and equipment operation.

2. Experience and skill-building: The H-2A program provides temporary employment opportunities for foreign workers in the agricultural sector, which can provide South Africans with valuable experience and skills that they can take back to their home country.

3. Cultural exchange: Many people are drawn to the idea of traveling to a new country and experiencing a different culture, and working under the H-2A program can provide this opportunity for South Africans.

4. Political and social instability: South Africa has experienced political and social instability in recent years, which may cause some individuals to seek opportunities elsewhere.

5. Family reunification: Some South Africans may have family members who live in the United States and wish to join them through employment opportunities.

6. Most South Africans speak very good English and this is very inviting to the U.S. farmer who is not able to navigate learning a foreign language in order to be able to effectively communicate to his workers.

7. The H2-A visa program is the popular and correct method to hire seasonal agriculture workers from South Africa. This program is no small task to get approved for. Make sure that your agent is open and transparent about being able to be reached by phone and can provide an open commitment to communicate to their customers. Many farmers are seeking help from a small “hands on” service like Head Honchos, LLC ( to answer questions, process the paperwork, and guarantee workers arrive safe and ready to work.

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