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How Long Are Visas Valid For?

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

an H-2a visa work permit

Employers in both agricultural and non-agricultural industries are able to staff their workforce from outside the United States.

Types of Visas

Why bring in a workforce? There can be a seasonal influx of work in these industries - and not enough locals willing to put in the labor required. This reduces the chance of a high-turnover rate as well as not having enough staff to meet the demand.

With the help of two types of visas - an H-2A visa and an H-2B visa - farmers and other non-farmers employers can dedicate their attention to more important tasks without worrying about their workforce, or lack thereof.

H-2A Visas: These visas are used by farmers looking for help during the planting, cultivating, or harvesting seasons. These workers will fill in where there is a lack of U.S. employment in order to ensure that the work is able to get done in a timely manner. Workers must return home at the end of the season. The farmer, not the government dictates the season.

This type of visa allows foreign nationals to work in the agricultural industry, including farms, orchards, greenhouses, nurseries, ranches, plantations, and the like.

H-2B Visas: The focus here is on non-agricultural industries that require an additional workforce to fill the gap. This could include theme parks and hotels, roofing, landscaping, construction, painting, and so on.

How Long Are Visas Valid For?

H-2A visas are granted to meet the temporary or seasonal needs of the employer. This can be for up to but no longer than 10 months and as short as 2 months.

H-2B visas work in much the same way. These visas allow employees to stay in the country and be employed in a non-agricultural position for up to 9 months.

Looking for Seasonal or Temporary Workers?

Don’t let the heavy amounts of detailed visa documents deter you from fulfilling your workforce needs outside of the U.S. Head Honchos has over two decades of legal expertise in executing H2 visas - and we can help you. The number of reliable workers you will have access to can meet any demand you are up against.

Learn more about how the process works and what is required by contacting us today at 210-695-1648.

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